• “Manami Hattori is particularly praise worthy”

    By Opera News


“Manami Hattori-Fallen is the quintessential Butterfly, delicate as the strokes in a Japanese painting…She looked and moved exactly Lt Pinkerton describes her; “light as a feather… And like a butterfly, hovers and settles”…She sang “Un bel di” without pushing her voice, but still conveying feelings of urgency and desperate hope that Pinkerton will return…Hattori-Fallen proved to carry Butterfly through her emotionally charged scenes.”

Intelligender Journal/Lancaster New Era

“As Butterfly, Japanese-born Manami Hattori-Fallen was captivating. Watching her character drift from hope to collapse at close quarters added a dimension one seldom experiences in a large theatre…Hattori-Fallen sang wonderfully…”

Opera Canada

“Japanese soprano Manami Hattori-Fallen is a compelling Butterfly. “She’s unbelievably graceful — the way she moves. Her interpretation is the perfect mixture of who she is and the character Butterfly. You add Puccini’s music and it’s a killer.””

Albert Gazette

“”I knew she was good, and she exceeded all of our hopes and expectation, ” Parada said. “We ‘ve only done two rehearsals and she’s blowing us away with her beauty, charm and grace; and this is apart from her singing, which is exquisite”.”

Edmonton Journal

” Manami Hattori-Fallen, the Japanese-born soprano who plays Butterfly can act as well as they can sing… But it’s Hattori-Fallen’s luminous aria, Un bel di that electrifies the audience – with nothing to divide you from the stage, it’s as if she’s singing it just to and for you.”

Edmonton Journal

“Manami Hattori as Hira is particularly praise worthy…”

Opera News

“Hira played by Manami Hattori stands out; through her expressive responses and fine vocal skill, the character   becomes at once devoted and supportive; disarming and coquettish. “

Music and vision

“One character who comes close to redeeming the plot with her playful treatment of and reaction to gender stereotypes is Hira, played by Manami Hattori. The redemptive quality of Hira’s character is due in part to the excellent execution of the role by Hattori. A lesser actress would not have achieved such subtle facial expressions or dead-on timing.”

Opera Today

“… made Berta’s arietta one of the musical highlights of the evening…”

Richmond Times Dispatch

“…big voices come in small packages …you will get a jolt when Berta, played by M.Hattori, belts out her aria…”

Charlottesville, VA Daily Progress

“….sang magnificently and invested their parts with great warmth, as did Manami Hattori as Musetta…”

A Curtain Up

“…Manami Hattori was a perky and campanilian Juliet in her rendition of “Je veux vivre”…”

The Sun New York

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